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Wargraph Wargraph

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was excellent. Very pure and simple. Once I got a hang of the controls, playing was a blast. The maneuvering of the plane felt very satisfying, especially making tight turns and seeing the enemy cluster attempt to follow.

The difficulty curve was pretty perfect. I got the hang of it with just a few enemies following me, and then things got interesting incredibly fast, but not in a frustrating way. Gravity and turrets worked together to create some pretty fascinating gameplay, since shooting down at enemies would mean they'd catch up to me, but shooting up at them means I'm going toward turrets. (I considered destroying the turrets, but decided avoiding them was a better plan given their ability to withstand a decent number of shots.) Trying to make those decisions on how best to react to my situation was just plain fun.

Likewise, the fact that the plane spun counter-clockwise made the game interestingly asymmetric. Knowing that I could go in one direction more readily than another and trying to use that to my advantage (and avoid the disadvantages of it) was a strangely satisfying gameplay element, and one which I haven't experienced in many games before.

The swarm, for lack of better terminology, was very cool. The instant feedback of killing many small enemies made me want to shoot for longer, which I had to balance with my fear of being overtaken by the swarm. For a Ludum Dare game, it's very clear that your main concern was making the controls and the enemies tight and smooth.

I'll also point out that, even though it was in black and white, the models looked good. They were (or appeared to be) 3D, and spun with their movement in kind of beautiful ways. I could see some color making this game even more visually pleasing, but the way it is is also excellent.

I did have some trouble understanding the things flying near me that were similarly shaped to me. I had assumed the word "friend" was sarcastic, and that they were enemy missiles, but then was unsure whether or not they were hurting me. It seemed like sometimes they were, but other times I had some flying on top of me without taking any damage, and they seemed to take out enemies when I blew them up?

I liked that the plane bounced off of the sides. It's a risky move, since it's kind of difficult to tell where the plane will go from it, but eliminated the time needed to make an actual turn. I'm also unsure how I felt about there being no health bar. I certainly felt like every time I died, it was justified, and not knowing how much health I had left made the game a bit more tense (in a good way).

And those are my thought! Keep up the great work. For a game made in such a short time, this was excellent.

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kirilllosev responds:

wow! this is the most detailed feedback i've ever read. thank you very much :)

and about "your new friend". you are right. "friend" was sarcastic and when you kill him - he creates an explosion which kills other enemies in a radius

Contrast Contrast

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Quite wonderful.

I wasn't sure what kind of game to be expecting when I started this, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm actually not sure if I've ever played a top-down shooter where the camera moves around the person like that, so it was an interesting new experience for me.

Anyway, the controls worked well (although I completely forgot about running until after I had beaten the game...), and the three colors were implemented excellently into the game. It very rarely seemed obnoxious, which I was happy about. The enemies had just the right amount of difficulty, and the ability to build up ammo quickly was very satisfying. The ninjas and normal enemies had some AI that was a bit more interesting than just following the character (like when they veer off to the side or run away), which was also nice.

As everyone has said, this would've been even nicer with sound effects and music. And perhaps a better ending. And maybe a story. But now I'm stretching it a bit, and the game would probably become cumbersome and less pick-up-and-play with a story. The boss fight was fun, though it took me a little while to understand how to do it. Do I shoot him? Do I bring him to the electricity and shock him with it? I figured it out eventually, but perhaps if you had put some sort of an indication that he was being protected by the side things, it would've been a bit easier.

...or maybe it's better having to figure it out. I'm not sure...

All in all, this was a fun game to play. I had a good time, and I hope you continue to make games (hopefully with sound).


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JoSilver responds:

Glad you liked it.

I really tryed my best to make sure that every aspect of this game was a good as it could be, from the controls to the graphics it was all crafted with love.

It's funny how the AI worked out you see the main reason for there sometimes erratic behavior is that they can't always decide if it's better to head straight for you or try to get to you through a by following a predetermined path. I plan on improving the this engine for future game by making so that can decide which is better but also to sometimes ignore which is better and do anything.

maybe I'll add sounds I don't know I'm still pretty tired from making this but one thing that I wanted to do was add audio ques to the boss to get make it easier to figure out if you're hurting him. like make him laugh when you first try to shoot him.

And don't you worry, more games will come!

Rock 'n' Risk Blitz Rock 'n' Risk Blitz

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice, nice...

Alright, I liked it. It was very good. Again, I had a fun time.

I'll start with this: The lack of the securing the jackpot part of the game DID kind of dull the excitement of the game. Also, it made the name a little less fitting, though I won't worry about that much. Although it sucked when I'd hit a wrong platform in the first one, it exhilarated me. It had been an excellent challenge. I do like the lack of frustration, but it just doesn't have the same feel as the other one did.

Also, there aren't levels. One of the things I find I like about games is trying to progress through it and get to the finish. Now, granted, once I beat the other game, I didn't go back to it much. So I can see how this might be a better option. But having a GOAL you need to reach (the money) on each part is also nice sometimes. Not completely necessary, but I liked it before.

On a brighter note, you added the hats, which are something to strive for. It keeps me wanting to play because I want to collect everything. The fact that they change your stats is also good, because I don't just want a new outfit, I want new gameplay. It changes things up a little more.

The money and time powerups were a nice addition. They made things a bit more exciting. Also, good choice on music, as before. I'm not sure what I thought of the new way the screen showed information. I liked the 3-Dish design of it in the first one, but I think this way might've been a bit easier to understand. Likewise with the arrows on the platforms. I think the arrows distracted a bit much, though. Having something that isn't a "part" of the platforms doesn't really seem right. When they glowed, it was like the platforms changed when it was good to hit them. With the arrows, it's... well, I just don't find it as effective.

Just a suggestion, you should have the button say "music on" when the music is ON, as opposed to making it say "music on" as in "if you press this, the music will turn on." Likewise with the sounds and symbols for them. The pause button I feel like should maybe ONLY have the pause symbol, perhaps a different color when the game is paused. Of course, that's only an opinion.

But when all is said and done, it's really a great game. The music, sound, graphics, difficulty level, and interestingness of this game are all up there pretty high. I think I might've had a bit more fun with the first one. But then again, I haven't finished playing this one yet. Maybe next time (if you make a third one), add a bit more to change up the gameplay. A story maybe? That would be nice.

Anyway, great job again, and keep up the good work!


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SiJaf responds:

Wow! Thanks for the awesome and detailed feedback!

I have copied those feedbacks in my notepad and I think you might see some of them in the future ;)

Regarding the arrows. Together with the patterns on the platforms, it should help people who are color blind. The glow in the first one was too subtile to do the job.

Zelda: Links Backyard Zelda: Links Backyard

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice job.

This game was really good for a beta, and it's a HUMUNGOUS improvement on the practice stage. For one thing, the frame rate was much higher, which is usually a plus, and made this game go much smoother. The hittests were much better (like, you actually had them on things), and you added enemies that can hurt you.

It was a bit short, though I'm kind of glad it was. It would get pretty boring if you made it longer, unless you added more things. I didn't mind too much that there weren't diagonal walking directions.

One of my complaints is that the AI wasn't that great. They just sat in one place and didn't really do anything, besides the final "boss" type things.

At the very end, if you go to the bottom of the left pillar (and maybe the right one too, I didn't try), you can walk through it and get back into the field, where you can't do anything but commit suicide.

So yeah, great improvement. It still could be loads better, but it's about 2 rating higher than the last one, so I think you're on a path to success here. Keep up the good work! :D

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duperDude responds:

Thanks, i'm still trying to figure out how to make the AI better. I've already strarted on the third BETA but it will take longer to make than this.

Gradation for Beginners Gradation for Beginners

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Ha, I feel kinda like the devil's advocate. :D Sorry I've been giving your stuff scores so much lower than everyone else. Anyway, I think this was a good tutorial. I liked how this was, as you said, a bit more interesting to watch than most tutorials. Tutorials are usually so BOOOORING. I already know about gradients, but I'm sure that if I didn't this would've helped me. ;)

I liked the music, and the explanations were pretty clear. It was kinda short, but then again, what else would you put in a tutorial like this? Well, you could make it a flash tools tutorial or special effects tutorial or something. But for what this was, it was good.

Keep up the great work, K. Wait, should I nickname you K or Guare? Ah, whatever. Maybe I'll just use your full name. :D


K-Guare responds:

You can just call me K, if you want.
But capitalize it, so i know your talking to me and not
just condensing the word 'okay'. lol. :D

Thanks for your constructed review,
i don't care how low you rate it as long
as you tell me why you rated it that much. :]
Thanks a lot for the review, bro. :]

Create-A-Clock! Create-A-Clock!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Could be better.

Then again, so could everything. I never was a huge fan of dress-up games. Some of the stuff could have had more detail put into it (you could put some shading and stuff on the characters and other things), and there are also a few glitches. (The back button doesn't seem to be working on the emotion and hat buttons, and the little "color" tab doesn't appear very smoothly when you're moving through the backgrounds backwards)

But hey, I've seen worse. The music selection wasn't that bad, and the art wasn't too bad either. You had a reasonable amount of choices in there too.

Sorry about the 4, but there was seriously so much more you could have done with this. Keep trying though! :D


K-Guare responds:

No harm done, i'd rather have a 4 and a good review than
a 9 and no information given. :]
Yeah, the problem with this was i didn't handle it right at first,
i used way too many movieclips, and it was almost entirely made
out of just if statements.

I didn't work on this too much either, i get frustrated easily and
i'm a big procrastinator when it comes to projects like this.
But thanks for your criticism. :]

Spider in the rain Spider in the rain

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good!

It did get pretty boring after a while because of how repetitive it was, but it was fun for a while. I got past level 10, though I'm not quite sure how far. Not very, I think. I liked how the flies moved back and forth, and how the raindrops were falling at different speeds. Sometimes it was kind of annoying how the spider started out slow at first, but I got used to it.

The graphics were simple but good. I liked the music and the sound effects, which were also simple but good. Although it was also a good idea to put that mute button in, because it could get a bit annoying. Oh, there was a glitch. Try dying at the menu screen and then pressing play. You'll probably see. :P

So yeah, easy at first, but got harder. I probably wouldn't play it again, but it was fun while it lasted.

Keep up the good work!

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Momentum Missile Mayhem 3 Momentum Missile Mayhem 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


MMM2 was great. This was, as I said, amazing. I loved the other weapon things you added, although the artillery was a bit hard to use in my opinion. But I'm only one man. :P

The graphics in this were amazing, along with the sound effects, the music, the gameplay, and pretty much everything else. There were a few spelling errors here and there (for example, when upgrading the amount of energy spheres you can have, it says "enrgy spheres" and Mission uses a capitial I too, like MIssion), and HOLY CRAP I just realized that when I tried to load my autosaved game (mission 14 level 9) it starts out at level 1, even though it SAYS mission 14 level 9 in the load game place. That's a major problem.

Well, anyways, besides the not-loading thing, and the few spelling errors (not a problem at all, IMO), and the fact that my gravity sphere got stuck in a wall once (also, it only happened once, so not a big problem), this was a GREAT game. No, wait. That was the second one. This was an AMAZING game.

Keep up the AMAZING work.

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Aqua Bots Aqua Bots

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

Although the idea itself isn't completely original (I have seen quite a few "multi-task" games kind of like this), this take on it was a bit different in that you can shoot things. Nice graphics, not bad music (though I probably wouldn't choose it), and pretty much decent everything.

I don't really have too many complaints, although I did find a few glitches.

For some reason, at one point in the game one of my ships completely disappeared until the next level, when it came from the right side of the screen. At first I thought that was just what happened, but later realized it didn't happen the next time I tried it.

Also, the lowercase p and m keys didn't work in the high scores table for me. Not sure why. Maybe you didn't embed them? I don't know. :P

Well, anyway, thanks for making this cool game! Keep up the great work!

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Ab9003 responds:

Thanks trekopep, the p and m thing seems related to my use of the keys as pause and mute, Ill try and fix this when i get the chance alright?

MindFeed MindFeed

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That was different.

But very cool. Everything about it was kind of creepy, but not so much that it scared me in any way. It was just awesome. I got a score of 56 (I think) on my first try, which isn't TOO bad. But out of 130(ish)? Ehh... well, it could've been worse.

Every letter fbf? EVERY LETTER?! That... I... I just hope you were given the 100% best for patience when you took this test. (Every single letter?!)

I liked how you changed how the typing sounded when the mood of the computer (or whatever you want to call it) changed. The whole computer with personality thing kind of reminded me of por-*COUGH*cough* something that *COUGH* has absolutely nothing to do *cough* with Portal. *AHEM.* I also liked the sounds and creepy(ish) music.

The humor in this is great too. Don't quite know why. The bagels part is funny, anyways. And the questions. Mostly the questions about bagels.

I'd also just like to say that I'm a big fan of people who respond to reviews. Seriously.

The concept? Simple enough. The execution? Dead on. Keep up the great work.

K-Guare responds:

56 is good, great job lad :D
Every. Single. Letter.
Well, i admit, the parts where it goes
faster were a couple letters per frame, but,
The smooth parts, yep. :[

Your the first person to notice the tone represented the mood,
you seem like a cool guy to me :D
But your the *COUGH* 5th person to *COUGH* say it was
a little *AHEM* like this *CHOKE* popular game called *LUGIE*

Fan of Review-Responders?
Dead on execution?
Do you have any flash submissions?
Let's make a great series, my friend.
Your the coolest person to ever review a submission of mine.

Take it easy :D