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Entry #14

New Song: Hate and Love

2009-10-21 20:00:30 by trekopep

My new song. Made it a couple of days ago. Hope you like it!

Vote and review please! /281912

Oh, and watch Blackout 2 if you haven't. I need some reviews to respond to, people! :D


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2009-12-21 17:31:43

Wow, good work man, almost made me fall asleep, lol

trekopep responds:

Ha ha, thanks. At first I thought you were talking about Blackout 2, and I was a little confused. :D


2010-06-05 00:04:21

Awesome song dude. i think i can use this for a future video. if so you'll get credit.

trekopep responds:

Sounds wonderful! I won't hold you to that, though. I know I've told plenty of people I'd use their songs in animations that never got finished. :P Good luck!